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Weddings are the most rewarding parties to DJ and MC-they are the parties that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Yes, much is at stake and the stress is high, but the rewards are higher. There are few moments in life as rewarding as getting a heartfelt "Thank You!" from the bride and groom after a great party.

I feel honored making such a delicate event spectacular.

It's the feeling that comes from creating a full dance floor, then playing that song that's a little risky, but kills!

It's the joy that comes from taking people through various genres and decades to keep the music fresh and exciting and the party exhilarating. The magic of music can be seen on any given dance floor as everyone throws inhibition to the wind and does the "Single Ladies" with Beyonce!

I love helping people get out of the corporate mode. That’s the beauty of music-

it has an intoxicating effect on people and lowers their inhibitions and self consciousness.

Music can change the flavor of a room, person by person. The right song can lift spirits and inspire them to talk a little more, laugh a little more, and be a little more welcoming- which can be necessary during wedding ceremonies and receptions where many people have gathered from different families in celebration of the beloved.

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