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A wedding is an exciting, yet vulnerable time in a young couple's life. Weddings are one of the few moments when the whole family will gather in one place. Grandparents, cousins, uncles, siblings, and friends will gather from different corners of the world and congregate under one roof to celebrate the good fortune of the bride and groom.

We realize the extreme importance of this event and we, the employees of DJ Soleil Entertainment, promise to provide superior wedding services for a realistic price. We pledge to tailor your wedding to your tastes, not ours. We promise to design an event that will combine your preferences with our knowledge to create the best wedding one can imagine. We may dream often, but wed once. We pledge to create a wedding which will exceed your highest expectations.

Thank you for your time and please enjoy our website! We look forward to meeting you!

David Sivits, owner DJ Soleil Entertainment

DJ Soleil


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